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Uproar Comics

Uproar Comics is a graphical art production team based in Derry, Northern Ireland, specialising in sequential storytelling and the publication of Northern Ireland based comics and graphic novels. Officially formed in June 2011; the group has been working together on other varied comic projects since 2009.

Uproar Comics is made up of four individuals: written by Daniel McLaughlin, pencilled by Kevin Logue, inked by John Campbell and web design by Holly Stinson. Through the completion of the first Comic Art and Digital Illustration course offered locally by the Verbal Arts Centre, the group met and formed what we know today as the “Uproar Comics” team. It was through this course that the group developed and honed their skills to create comic art and tell sequential stories at a professional level.

Since then “Uproar” has worked on several locally based projects, specifically two comic anthologies funded by community art groups such as The Greater Shantallow Community Arts Program and the Verbal Arts Centre: “FEAR” and “Walled City Dreams”. These publications both featured the team’s home town of Derry as a background. When these projects were completed, the group had developed a passion to continue creating local stories for a global audience and it was this that inspired “Uproar” to continue producing locally based comics; forming a group together to begin work on the ongoing series “Zombies Hi” which would be Uproar Comics flagship publication.

“Zombies Hi” is a modern retelling of the historic siege of the city of Derry. The survivors of the initial viral outbreak most now struggle through a post apocalyptic world as they are held up inside Derry’s city walls. Their survival depends not only on escaping the grasps the zombie hordes but overcoming old divides that Northern Ireland is unfortunately famous for. Full with culture, historical, and retellings of old local myths the publication has been greatly received through the entirety of Ireland, and praised by the City of Culture company for its ability to tackle topic issues through subtle social commentary.

Uproar Comics as it continues onwards has become a helping hand in giving local talent the well needed platform to get their work out a wider audience that previously didn’t exist.

Through online publication the group has been able to target a global audience an voice the views and opinions of the new generation.
Facebook: uproar comics