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London Cartoon Museum

Broken Britain?

Over the last 30 years British society and British politics have seen major changes. The rise of Thatcherism in the late 1970s set the agenda for all succeeding administrations. The 30 cartoons in the exhibition refer to the increasing importance of the private sector and the undermining of public services. Others relate to Britain’s attempt to maintain its status as a player on the world stage and how this has drawn it into a number of wars – most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are also humorous and serious references to other social and political changes in British society including the role of the press and perceptions of the Christian churches.

The exhibition includes work by artists working for many of the main British newspapers and political and satirical magazines including The Times, Guardian, Independent, Private Eye and New Statesman.
Steve Bell,  www.belltoons.co.uk,  Chris Madden, http://www.chrismadden.co.uk/,  Ros Asquith, http://www.rosasquith.co.uk/, Chris Riddell http://www.stewartandriddell.co.uk/

Anita O’Brien
Curator (LondonCartoonMuseum)